- Fully digitized 3AC servo controller -

Main features


The new series digiSTAR is the improved successor of the digiVEC servo inverter.
The digiVEC is still available, but for new applications we recommend the digiSTAR.

Series DAC 4 ...DAC 80

Mains supply voltage:  
             3AC 230V ... 400V +/-15%
             (Optional 460V +10%/-15%)
Output frequency:   0 Hz ... 800 Hz
Rated current:     4 A ... 48 A
Overload    1 s:  100 %
Overload  30 s:  50 %
Motors: AC-Asynchronous,
             AC-Synchronous, DC-Servo,
             DC-Spindle incl. field weakening

Control structures available

  • Speed control with/without resolver
  • Torque control with/without resolver
  • Frequency control
  • Integration of higher level control
    structures, e.g. position control

Feedback systems
Two sensor inputs for

  • Resolver, all makes
  • Incremental encoders, all makes
  • Sine encoders, with or without
    commutation track (Heidenhain,
    Stegmann, Tamagawa) is optional

Comprehensive test and diagnostic

  • Accessible at front side:
    -  8 LED for status display
    -  8 Measure points
  • Extended functions via PC
    and Handling Software


Connection to Automation systems via
  • Fieldbus, e.g. CAN
  • Serial interface RS232, RS485

Inputs and outputs

  • 4 analogue reference inputs
  • 6 analogue outputs
  • 12 digital inputs
  • 9 digital outputs

Special hardware features

  • Integrated brake chopper
  • Integrated brake resistor up to
    DAC 28 (Terminals for external
    high-power resistor are standard)
  • Integrated mains filter (Option)
    and integrated output filter
  • Easy installation of signal, mains and
    motor cables using connector plugs
    (For cables > 16 A: Fixed terminals)
  • Input for motor thermistor


  • Software for spindle positioning, indexing,
    winding at constant tension, electronic
    gearboxes, metering pistons with immediate
    reversing and many other applications
  • Encoder simulation card for simulating a
    normal signal from a mechanical encoder,
    with the facility to set any full number of
    pulses up to max. 1,024 pulses per pair of
    poles in the resolver.
  • Interface to CAN bus
  • Supplementary card with 24 digital inputs or
    outputs (configurable) for applications
  • Customer specific functions on request



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