Soft Start

Electronic Soft Starter 6 A to 900 A
CT-START is a multi-function electronic system with a microcontroller and thyristor, designed for use with all 3-phase squirrel cage induction motors. Unlike the traditional systems (D.O.L., star-delta, resistors, etc), it limits the starting current and ensures very smooth and steady acceleration.
Current Limitation
CT-START, by simple adjustments, can limit the current precisely during the start-up phase, whilst maintaining all the thermal characteristics of the motor.

Smooth Starting
CT-START's electronic design means that it can be used for precise adjustment of the starting and repeated torque. It ensures smooth acceleration, thus limiting the forces to which the installations are subjected.
Integral Protection
CT-START has several supplementary functions which can limit the purchases of additional equipment, thus resulting in a reduction in the cost of materials, labor and operation. An increase in motor control reliability is obtained by simplifying the installation.
Digital Technology
Control electronics independent of the power rating. Protection against interference: Increased immunity of the microcontroller - IEC 8012 and IEC 801 - 4 level 4. Updateable operating program under EPROM. Permanent parameter backup under EEPROM.
CT-START is a digital motor starter, designed for 3 phase AC induction motors
CT-START includes motors protection and control functions, to simplify installation and reduce costs
CT-START has a wide range and may be used on 220 - 690 VAC supplies and 2.2 - 900 kW motors
CT-START has extensive flexibility. Options available for the CTS 2313 range include a multilingual
LCD keypad, DC injection module, I/O expansion and others
5 year 'return to base' warranty
LISTED E162402
37A - 250A

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