Unidrive V3




AC Variable Speed Drive
0.75 kW to 1 MW
Universal and Intelligent
Unidrive V3 gives users the benefits of simplicity, ease of use, flexibility, and dynamic performance. Everything you would expect from a Control Techniques product. Unidrive V3 features pre-configured application parameter sets known as MACROs which mean that the Unidrive can be configured in minutes for a variety of industry standard applications, saving you time and money. Unidrive is a truly universal AC Variable Speed Drive that can operate in five modes:-

OPEN LOOP - V/F Control
OPEN LOOP - Space Vector Control
CLOSED LOOP - Flux Vector Control
SERVO - AC Brushless permanent Magnet Control
REGENERATION - Fully Sinusoidal Regenerative Mode
More Power...
The best power-to-size ratio available, minimising panel costs
Large systems up to 1 MW designed, engineered and commissioned with 300 A power modules
Unidrive uses the same options throughout the complete power range for maximum flexibility
More Performance...
Advanced auto-tuning facility enables Unidrive to dramatically increase the motor shaft performance
while offering the user quieter motor operation
Unidrive's Intelligent Thermal modelling ensures you get the maximum performance for your
Enhanced control algorithms giving probably the best Flux Vector drive performance in the world
Easy to Use...
Easy configuration for applications using pre-configured parameter sets (MACROs), MACROs
include: General Purpose, Easy Mode, Motorised Potentiometer, Preset Frequencies/Speeds,
Torque Control, PID Control, Axis Limit Control, Brake Control, Electrical gearbox
Quick and easy viewing/editing of parameter values using the Unisoft commissioning software
Quick Start guide to get your motor shaft turning in minutes
Simple set up of multiple drives with accuracy and repeatability using the optional cloning module
Easy to connect pluggable terminals
Standard Functions
Position control/Digital lock 8 Preset decelerations
Programmable logic functions 3 Skip frequencies with adjustable bandwidths
2 Programmable thresholds Frequency slaving
Catch a spinning motor Speed reference sequencer
Mains dip ride through Coast and ramp to stop modes
8 Preset speeds S-ramp profiling
8 Preset accelerations Injection and dynamic braking
Diagnostics and I/O
Full internal protection
Last 10 trips stored
Clock control for maintenance and cost calculations
Programmable relay
Analogue: 3 Analogue inputs, 2 Analogue outputs, Fully programmable, Voltage/Current selectable
Digital: 3 Digital inputs, 3 Digital inputs/outputs, Fully programmable
Applications co-processing module
6 different communications modules
3 different feedback modules
Universal keypad for remote use
EMC filters for CE conformity (when required)

LISTED E171230



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