Aximaster 9000D Brushless Digital Motion Controllers

Currently Discontinued no Longer available, A substitute might be available Instead

Aximaster" 9000D Motion Controllers provide users with exceptional dynamic accuracy and functionality in a low-cost compact package. It has been developed for single and multiple-axis Brushless servo motor control, and for a wide range of applications, including material handling, packaging, special machinery, process controls, as well as for general manufacturing. Aximaster" 9000D incorporates digital motion control technology, including a Brushless amplifier as well as a power supply and shunt regulator. Users can count on digital flexibility, exceptional accuracy and repeatability, reliability, and highly integrated and economical plug-and-play packaging.


Brushless Digital Servo/Motion Controller 

  Inherent Digital Flexibility For A Wide Range Of Applications
This easy-to-use and versatile controller can be quickly configured to provide a variety of single and multi-axis control solutions over a broad power range. With Aximaster 9000D, you can choose any one of these full-featured operating modes:

Digital Servo Control
Aximaster 9000D's digital current and velocity loops eliminate troublesome potentiometers by using auto-drift compensation and auto-tuning functions. Parameters can be easily set through the controller's RS-232 port with any IBM compatible computer.

Stepper Replacement
This mode increases the accuracy of an existing stepper application. Integral closed loop pulse follower software can be configured to follow CW/CCW pulse or pulse/direction inputs without changing the existing indexer. It provides user selectable resolution up to 25,000 steps per revolution.

Full Function Motion Controller
Aximaster 9000D can store 16 digitally selectable programs in a non-volatile memory. Plus you can:

  • Define 8 parallel software tasks
  • Assign custom variables
  • Conduct conditional, arithmetic and logical operations
  • Define units for position, velocity, and acceleration
  • Design custom operator and machine interfaces
  Highly Integrated and Completely Digital Packaging for Ease-of-Use, Reliability and Economy
Aximaster 9000D controllers include power supply/shunt regulator, PWN brushless servo amplifier, and a powerful programmable motion controller in a single, compact package. It's the right choice for a wide range of servo/motion control applications.

Fast Set-Up and Installation
Getting Aximaster 9000D working for you is fast and easy. Begin by using any IBM® compatible computer to access Aximaster 9000D's powerful Aximax™ software. It swiftly guides you through parameter setting, diagnostics, and startup. Then, just connect incoming power, motor and control cables and Aximaster 9000D is ready to go to work.

Exceptional Accuracy and Repeatability
A leading edge 32-bit microprocessor provides exceptional accuracy and repeatability. This powerful engine closes digital current, velocity and position loops to provide simple, yet powerful response to your commands.
  Open Architecture -- Flexibility for the Future
When you face new challenges in the future, this controller's open architecture is there to meet those demands -- easily and cost effectively with a family of standard or customized plug-on option boards. Plus, experienced CMC Application and Systems Engineers are available to help meet your newest challenge.
Aximax™ Software
Powerful, Flexible, and Easy-to-Use

Aximax software is designed to help you maximize the full potential of Aximaster 9000D's leading edge hardware. It's a comprehensive menu-driven communications and program development software tool for your IBM compatible computer. This powerful package include extensive context sensitive on-line help and allows you to:
  • Develop, edit and compile application specific programs using the full screen editor and AxiBasic™ language.
  • Set all tuning and system parameters
  • Configure and monitor I/O
  • Upload, download and archive programs
  • Monitor system diagnostics
Flying Shear
Aximaster 9000D is the choice for cutting, punching, stamping, or forming moving material. Its high response and repeatable accuracy lets you increase line speeds and lower scrap rates.
Absolute Indexing
When absolute indexing is required, Aximaster 9000D provides precise position control relative to a home reference position.
Feed to Length
For precision material feeding, Aximaster 9000D offers low overshoot and low settling time delays at higher hit rates than other controllers. Better controllability and repeatability that increases production rates while reducing scrap.
Accurate feeding of packaging material and precise coordination with operations such as cutting, perforating, filling, sealing, etc. are easily accomplished with Aximaster 9000D.

Whenever you need very precise, and highly repeatable performance from a single or multi-axis motion controller, your choice should be Aximaster 9000D. Its combination of accuracy, ease-of-use, and economy, make the Aximaster 9000D the right choice for cost and performance value.