CTIU Operator Interface HMI


Discontinued HMI - Replacement is Available

(Call Microcon for Stock Availability and or replacement)

Low Cost - High Spec Operator Interface Unit for CT Drives

The CTIU series is a range of low cost, high specification operator interface units, with many features. The units provide extensive monitoring and control in very neat packages. Fitting is very simple with no requirement for screw holes. The front panel has bright and clear display (LCD with adjustable back light) and easy-to-use navigation keys on all units.
True Graphical Features
The graphical units can display 2 plot real time trends & graphs (200 can show multiple graphs
on each page)
The 200 supports layerable object-based graphics and bitmap animations
Scalable horizontal fills are supported
The 1 # # and 200 units support a simple script language
1024 internal registers
Bit registers
System registers
Simple math
Block operations
Scheduling (eg do something every Wednesday at 2 am)
Background programs (eg run block every x/10 seconds) 
Function Keys
All units have programmable keys for:
- Set, Clear or Toggle drive bits
- Set values
- Goto a page
Text Features
Multiple font sizes are supported (not CTIU 50)
All characters are redefinable so character graphics are possible (not CTIU 50)
64k Byte of memory is set aside for text tables with upto 250 text lookup tables upto 255
strings each
To display bit status 16 pairs of editable binary descriptors are allowed (on/off, run/stop etc)
Flashing text
Page Types
Standard menus for operator interaction with the drive
Status pages controlled by the drive for displaying information and requesting operator input
Alarm pages monitoring drive or process alarm bits complete with a mapped acknowledge table
Recipes with a capacity of 64k of data can be defined
Intuitive configuration tool with wizards to aid configuration of common pages
WYSIWYG page editor
Tool button bar
Status bar
Double click to enter or edit embedded data field
Character editor
Upload & download tools
Support for CTNet (CTIU 200 only), CTANSI & other protocols eg Modbus
I/O options (CTIU 200 only)
8-32VDC supply (160mA continuous, 260 mA inrush - 4ms)
9 pin D RS232 port (for configuration & diagnostics)
Screw connections for RS232/485 (2/4 wire)
Y2K compliant Clock standard on 200, optional on 100/110
CTIU 50 size 177 x 112 x 60 mm, 10 multi-function keys
CTIU 100 size 121 x 105 x 38 mm
CTIU 110 size 172 x 105 x 38 mm, 12 multi-function keys
CTIU 200 size 280 x 190 x 60 (+20 with CTNet) mm, 18 multi-function keys and 15 Alphanumeric
CE marked, IP65, NEMA 4-12

CTVUE Operator Interface HMI

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