Brushless AC Servo Motors, 1 to 73 Nm

Unimotor is a new range of brushless AC servo motors from Control Techniques which are available as three phase, 6 or 8 pole, permanent magnet motors exhibiting a sinusoidal back EMF characteristic. The motors supply high torque with either low or high rotor inertia and minimal cogging torque.

The unique 'finned' motor housing is a high-strength Aluminium alloy casting, that improves heat dissipation by conduction, radiation and convection. The single-piece integral construction permits accurate bearing to housing alignment and maintains air gap concentricity. This arrangement optimizes torque output and reduces cogging torque. The compact design gives increased torsional stiffness. Laminations and coils are optimized both for high efficiency and to provide low harmonic distortion in the air gap flux. Combined with the high energy magnets, and a choice of rotor inertia, these features provide superb dynamic performance to suit all requirements.

Suitable for use with 
Unidrive V3 Servo


The Unimotor UM is a discontinued Series, a replacement is available. Please contact Microcon Technologies at (905) 602-4770 or


Low cogging torque
Rigid mechanical design
Increased IP rating
Improved performance
Superior thermal design
Feedback devices for high accuracy and high temperatures
Incremental Encoder (4096 ppr) for high precision feedback integral commutation
PTC Thermistor for thermal monitoring and overload protection
Low inertia is standard for fast acceleration
IEC mounting flange
Plain shaft is standard
IP65 standard - sealed against water spray and dust
Low cogging torque & THD (Total Harmonic Distortion)
Rotor assembly balanced to ISO 1940 grade 6
High standard of mechanical design and precision manufacture - for improved performance and
Winding insulation is to Class H
Bearing system designed for prolonged motor life
Modular construction
UL approved under application
CE marked
Optional Features
Absolute encoder - 4096 multi-turn
Resolver feedback for high temperature applications
Sine/Cosine encoder for high resolution - consult factory for availability
High inertia option
NEMA mounting flange
Output key to shaft
Mating connectors
Cable assemblies for power and feedback
'Tropicalized' motor option - electrical components are sealed against humid conditions
Optional dimensional accuracy to DIN 42955 Class R
Gearbox options
Stainless steel shaft option
Fan Cowlings

UM, SL and DM motors are for 400/440V nominal AC drive supply voltage and are the subject of this UM, SL and DM Unimotor manual.

EZ motors have identical mechanical construction and feedback options, but support a different winding to suit 220V nominal AC drives and are the subject of a separate EZ servo motor manual.


UM, SL and DM Motors

UM Motor

The UM motor has been primarily designed to operate with the Unidrive.

Feedback options include resolver; or incremental, sincos single-turn, sincos multi-turn optical encoders.

SL Motor

The SL version is a UM motor fitted with special  technology electronic feedback that operates with Control Techniques’ M’Ax and MultiAx drives. This motor-drive combination offers extremely high resolution, for superb system speed control. High resolution is essential for many system applications where speed and position errors must be miniscule.

The feedback comprises of a special Sincos encoder and electronics, both contained within the standard UM outline. The encoder has a memory programmed with all the essential motor characteristics necessary to automatically set all M’Ax parameters, giving an instant ‘Plug and Play’ capability.


DM Motor

The DM motor is suitable for use with the DigitAx drive. The stator connections to U and V are interchanged to match the DigitAx.


Gearboxes - motor torque can be extended by a good selection of factory-fitted gearboxes, available to order in a wide variety of options.

Forced air-cooling -
customer-fitted fan blown boxes specially designed to fit the range of motors, can directly enhance motor performance. (Not suitable for SL).

Custom specials -
a range of special adaptations e.g. shaft or feedback type are already designed and may be available where quantities justify.

Cable assemblies
- ready made power and signal cables in lengths of 2-100 meters to connect motors to the appropriate drive.   


Motor Housing
Brake Information

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