What replaces the Focus 1?

The Focus series of analog DC controls has proven itself for many years as one of the most reliable, rugged and dependable controls in its class. With over 100,000 units installed  worldwide, the number of satisfied customers continues to grow.


Focus 1 Drive


Focus 2 DC Drive

What is a Focus 2?

The Focus 2 series was an analog DC motor speed control manufactured by Emerson Industrial Controls from approximately 1982 to 1998. It was available in 2 standard ranges that could control DC Shunt Wound or Permanent Motors from 1/4 to 5HP from single phase 120vac or 240vac power.

Focus 2 Drive

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What replaces the Focus 2?

Our Focus 3 series can replace the Focus 2 functionality which use state-of-the-art Surface Mount Technology-SMT to provide a wealth of features within a compact package. Focus 3 Drives are available in a NEMA 4/12 Enclosure or basic chassis mount models. All models have a range of option kits available to extend functionality even further beyond standard features.

To obtain a Manual for the Focus 3 click here:

Focus 3 Family

The Focus Family has been replaced by The Fincor Drives (Currently Discontinued)

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