Digitax ST Drives

****Currently Obsolete by the manufacturer. A replacement Drive is available.

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Digitax ST 0.72Nm to 19.3Nm (Peak 57.7Nm) 

Environmentally Friendly Drives

New - Digitax ST

200/400Volts, Servo Drives Range - Intelligent, Compact and Dynamic


Meeting the demands of modern lean manufacturing environments requires smaller more flexible machinery. Digitax ST is the first ever drive designed to help machine designers and system integrators meet these challenges; optimized for servo applications requiring high peak torque, dynamic response, ease of use and flexible integration features. Four product variants ensure that the drive's personality perfectly matches your servo applications.

Digitax ST - Base

Optimized for centralized control, to operate with motion controllers, motion PLCs and industrial PC based motion systems using a wide range of digital or analogue interface technologies.

Digitax ST-I - Indexer

Designed for simple standalone positioning applications using an onboard position controller. Fieldbus, Ethernet and IO enable connectivity to other automation components.

Digitax ST - EZ Moion

This drive offers a stand alone solution for many common indexing and synchronized motion applications. This is achieved using a unique PC programming interface that guides the user through the drive, I/O and motion configuration.

Digitax ST-E - (EtherCAT)

Digitax ST EtherCAT Servo Drive - high performance features easily accessible over any industrial EtherCAT network.

The servo drive offers cyclic and non-cyclic communication with less than 1μs jitter on network synchronization and guarantees optimum performance for demanding, high-axis-count, motion applications.

Typical Applications

  • Printing

  • Packaging

  • Pick and Place

  • Material Handling

  • Indexing

  • Conveyor Positioning

  • Cut-to-length

  • Labeling

  • Rotary Knife

  • Flying Shear


  • Onboard position controller offers superior performance and reduces cubicle space

  • High-speed drive to drive network reduces wiring and improves system performance

  • Familiar programming environments reduce development time

  • Real-time servo networks such as EtherCAT, SERCOS and CAN open allow the drive to operate with most motion controllers

  • Ethernet and Fieldbus connectivity enable the drive to integrate with other parts of the automation system

  • Onboard universal encoder input is able to connect to incremental, SinCos, Hiperface, EnDAT and SSI encoders as standard

  • The drive features a safe torque off input which disables the output stage of the drive with a high degree of security.  This reduces the cost of complying with machine safety standards such as EN954 Cat 3 and enables the drive to integrate easily with the machine safety system

  • Designed to operate with Unimotor FM, a complete range of high-performance servo motors for industrial environments


Our Software makes it easy to access the drives features; it allows you to quickly setup the drive, optimize the tuning, back-up the configuration, program the onboard motion controller and setup communications links.

  • CTSoft - Drive configuration and index motion programming

  • CTScope - Software oscilloscope 

  • SyPTLite - Ladder program editor

  • SyPTPro - Full automation system programming tool

  • CTOPCServer - OPC compliant server for interfacing with Control Techniques drives

The Software tools communicate using Ethernet, CTNet, Serial or USB connections. Ethernet allows the software tools to easily use the internet infrastructure allowing Control Techniques drives to be accessed remotely, from virtually anywhere around the world.


CTSoft is a configuration tool for commissioning, optimizing and monitoring Control Techniques drives. It allows you to:

  • Easily configure the drive using wizards

  • Read, save and load drive configuration settings

  • Manage the drive's smartcard data

  • Visualize and modify the configuration with live animated diagrams

CTSoft Screen

Index Motion Controller

Digitax ST - index motion controller is programmed within CTSoft using industry standard Sequential Function Chart (SFC) language. The user can quickly configure a range of motion commands such as homing and various index moves. The focus is on reducing development time and ease of use.

Index Motion Program

The status of the program can be monitored and the speed of the motion reduced for commissioning and testing purposes:

Index Motion Control Panel


CTScope is a full featured software oscilloscope for viewing and analyzing changing values within the drive.  The time base can be set to give high speed capture for tuning or intermittent capture for longer term trends.  The interface is based on a traditional oscilloscope, making it familiar to engineers across the globe.

CTScope - Realtime Oscillocope Software


SyPTLite is an easy to use ladder logic program editor, suitable for simple drive applications. SyPTLite is ideal for controlling basic logic and sequencing with Commander SK and Unidrive SP onboard PLC and with SM-Applications Lite option module.

SyPTLite Ladder Logic


SyPTPro is a full featured automation development environment that can be used for creating solutions to single or multiple drive applications.  The programming environment fully supports three industry standard programming languages: Function Block, Ladder and Structured Text. Motion is configured using PLC open function blocks that support a master and slave axis configuration.

PLCopen Motion Function Blocks

SyPTPro is also used to configure CTNet - a high speed drive-to-drive network links together multiple drives, SCADA, operator panels and I/O to form an intelligent networked system.

SyPTPro Network Configuration


CTOPCServer  is an OPC compliant server that allows PCs to communicate with Control Techniques drives. The server supports communication using Ethernet, CTNet, Serial RS485 and USB. OPC is a standard interface on SCADA packages and is widely supported within Microsoft products.


A wide range of option modules are available to allow you to customize Digitax ST for your application.


Digitax ST Keypad

Removable keypad

Digitax ST Keypad



EtherCAT slave option module for high performance servo applications



CANopen interface supporting various profiles including several drive profiles



Sercos Interface



Ethernet option module supporting Ethernet/IP and Modbus with built in web server.



Profibus DP slave option module



DeviceNET option module



Interbus interface option module



User programmable CAN option module - Allows you to develop your own CAN protocols



SM-Universal Encoder Plus

Combined encoder input and output interface supporting Incremental, SinCos, Hiperface, EnDAT and SSI encoders

SM-Universal Encoder Plus

SM-Encoder Output Plus

Incremental encoder output option module to enable connection with external motion controllers

NEW SM-Encoder Output Plus

SM-Encoder Plus

Incremental encoder input option module

SM-Encoder Plus


Resolver option module for robust feedback in demanding environments



SLM option module for integration with SLM enabled motion controllers



SM-I/O 32

Extended digital I/O adding 32 bi-directional I/O points


SM-I/O Plus

Extended I/O interface to increase the number of I/O points on a drive

SM-I/O Plus

SM-I/O Lite

Extended I/O interface with reduced functionality

SM-I/O Lite 

SM-I/O Timer

Extended I/O option module with real time clock

SM-I/O Timer


Namur standard I/O interface with high speed I/O


SM-I/O 120

120 volt I/O option module

SM-I/O 120

Remote I/O

Beckhoff I/O

Flexible I/O system for remote connectivity using Control Techniques CTNet Drive-to-drive network

Beckhoff I/O

Digitax  ST Servo Drives Available Styles



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